About Us
Orlando Johnson is a middle school principal who has been in education for 13 years. He started his career as a teacher at Markham Middle School in Watts and transitioned to Drew Middle School where he worked as an instructional coach. From there Orlando went on to serve as an assistant principal Gompers Middle School. After a few years of service at Gompers, Orlando was presented with the wonderful opportunity to work to serve the community he grew up in as an administrator at Susan Miller Dorsey High School, his alma mater. Currently, Orlando serves the South Los Angeles Community as the principal of Horace Mann Middle School.

As an adolescent, Orlando attended schools in the Los Angeles Unified School district. He culminated from Martin Luther King Elementary School and Audubon Middle School and eventually graduated from Dorsey High School. Based on his experiences as a student at UCLA, he decided to take on the goal of improving public education for students that reside in low socioeconomic communities. He also gained a deep love for the community that he grew up in, as it had prepared him for the struggles that lay ahead.

At every school site that Orlando has been at during his career in education, he has had one objective, to empower students to take full advantage of what they are entitled to as American Citizens. Every day he strives to help students become effective communicators, and critical thinkers that possess the 21st century skills necessary to solve complex problems and complete cognitively challenging tasks.